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Serving Julesburg, Ovid, Sedgwick
in Northeast Colorado; Eastern Cheyenne and Deuel County in Nebraska.
Mike Benson
Benson Ag Land Realty, LLC

Mike Benson  is owner of Benson Ag Land Realty LLC specializing in farm and ranch real estate sales and will provide commercial and residential sales in northeastern  Colorado with dominance in Sedgwick County and Phillips County; cities served; Julesburg, Ovid, Sedgwick, Colorado; southwestern Nebraska; Deuel County and Cheyenne County; cities served; Lodgepole, Chappell and Big Springs.
Mike served over five years in the banking industry as branch manager and loan officer.  In addition he has a strong background in aviation; owning and operating an aerial crop spraying business for eleven years, corporate pilot for a large cattle company for six years, flight instructor and charter pilot for over five years. In addition, duties with the cattle company were developing and overseeing a safety program and developing an environmental program of monitoring various environmental issues. Mike continues to stay current  in aviation by providing part-time pilot services and flight instruction.
Mike was born and raised in the Sterling, Colorado community with family ties back four generations. Agriculture has always been a part of  his life and he recognizes the struggles that farm families face daily. Mike's wife, Jan, is also from an agricultural background and currently  is a stay-at-home mom for their pride and joy son Caleb . Take a look at his picture.
The office is located at Fourth and Pine in Julesburg, Colorado, across the street from the US Post office. Normal hours of business are from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. daily.
Any time call and leave message at office number, (970) 474-2000 or call cell number, (970) 520-1778.

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Caleb Benson
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